Countering Covid 19

Apr 17, 2020

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Neethi Vedhi staff members, Peace committee activists and youth harmony club members are actively involved in Wayanad district and Nilambur area of Malappuram district, helping the victims of Covid 19 in different ways. They do support the government departments in identifying those who come from neighboring states or other districts and help them with necessary means during days of observation and isolation.  

As we are in lock down period, some of them are working as volunteers in the community kitchens organized by the Panchayats; some help to bring medicines for the sick and bedridden; quite many are involved in supplying food and other provisions for Adivasi families. A major role being played by them is to fill the gaps in the activities of the Service Providers by informing the authorities regarding the denial of basic amenities to the downtrodden people.  They are helping other stakeholders in supplying ration and kits with food items to remote and interior places where Adivasis reside. Some of them helped the labor department staff to update the details of migrant laborers. 

The office and field staff members are providing counseling support to a number of families who are affected by the lock down.  Neethi Vedhi could provide nutrients, medicine and other provisions to a number of families where there are bedridden patients and old parents. The work is continuing.