Legal Assistance

The main focus of Neethi Vedhi from the very outset is to support the victims/ survivors of exploitation and abuse. It is to ensure that a non-judgmental and approachable space is available for the vulnerable sections of the society seeking legal support.

a) Legal Counseling: Full time lawyers are available at Neethi Vedhi office to clarify legal options to those who are in need of support. If necessary, the lawyers will help to prepare petitions to the concerned authorities or take up cases in the law courts for the survivors of exploitation.

b) Para Legal Workers: Field staff members visit hamlets and persons suffering from exploitation primarily to listen and provide emotional support in their search for justice. Petitions are prepared if necessary. Serious issues are referred to the office for legal and psychological counseling.

c) Awareness classes and Legal Clinics: Legal awareness classes are organized at Panchayat or hamlet level on different topics concerned with Adivasis, women, children, senior citizens and other groups. Legal clinics are conducted to ensure remedy and justice at the doorstep. Adalaths and Befriending sessions with Government officials are also organized to address serious denial of legal rights.

d) Public Interest Litigations: Neethi Vedhi takes up major issues affecting the human rights of marginalized groups especially the Adivasis and file PIL in the High Court. It is an important strategy to bring out speedy result to large number of people. e) Mediation: Neethi Vedhi devotes lot of time to resolve issues of conflicting parties for out of court settlement through mediation. This tool is mostly used to address family disputes, issues between neighbors, relatives etc. It is very helpful not only to settle issues but also to restore relationship.