Conflict Resolution & Peace Building

It is from the experience of 15 years of legal interventions for ensuring justice to the marginalized sections of society that Neethi Vedhi decided to incorporate Conflict Resolution and Peace Building as a new approach. Diversity is to be respected not only in religious and cultural traditions, but also in relationships, orientations and approaches. It is important to understand the emotional and family background of the parties in conflict, their ultimate needs and goals, possible meeting points, etc in our efforts to find solution to a problem. The increasing polarization on the basis of religion, caste, political affiliation etc is a challenge to the harmony and unity among the people in a locality. Mutual respect and coexistence of different sections of people need to be emphasized from childhood onwards to check violence in the society.

a) Panchayat level Peace Committees: Neethi Vedhi has formed 23 panchayat level and 3 municipality level Peace Committees in Wayanad district. Peace Committee members are chosen from different religions, communities and political parties who are respected in the locality. They are entrusted to make interventions in the local conflicts and to resolve amicably using mediation as a tool.

b) District Peace Forum: The District Peace Forum is a representative body with members who are influential in the district at large among different communities, chairman and conveners of panchayat level Peace Committees. District Peace Forum coordinates peace building programs in the district and takes up conflicts affecting large number of people.