Neethi Vedhi - History

A Human Right Intervention, to support the most exploited and marginalized sections of the society, especially the Adivasis, Women and Children in their fight for justice and Human Rights. Neethi Vedhi was established in 2003, at Kalpetta (Wayanad, Kerala) to stand with the victims of atrocities and exploitation, to motivate the poor and neglected to live with dignity and right consciousness. In 2017 April Neethivedhi has shifted it's office to Sudikavala, Kakkavayal. The main thrust of Neethi Vedhi is to make use of the existing Laws of the country to ensure the rights of the marginalized people. Enabling the people to interact with the Government and officials in a right based approach is a major goal of Neethi Vedhi. The branch office of Neethi Vedhi at Thodupuzha began functioning since 2012.

Justice is not a favour
Justice is a right
  • Human Rights

    Know them

  • Human Rights

    Demand them

  • Human Rights

    Defend them

Neethivedhi has received 80G(Tax Exemption) on 2018 June 27th.