About Neethi Vedhi

Neethi Vedhi is a charitable society registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 (Reg No. 711/03). It was established in the year 2003. Neethi Vedhi is a voluntary, non-political, non profit making and secular programme adhering to the sublime ideals and the democratic values enshrined in the constitution of India. It stands for the defence of life, dignity, liberty and human rights of the marginalized group especially Adivasis, women, children and small scale farmers.

Neethi Vedhi aims at radical changes in society that will enable the individuals and communities to become aware of their inherent human rights and civil liberties, so that may live in dignity and freedom in its widest dimension. Neethi Vedhi has received 80G(Tax Exemption) on 2018 June 27th.

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Latest News and Information

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Covid interventions

Neethi Vedhi staff members along with peace committee Representatives from Sulthan Bathery Taluk distributed food kits to 35 families.

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Food kit distribution

As part of our interventions for covid affected families, food kits were distributed to 16 families.

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Covid intervention

Food kits were distributed to 16 families of Onivayal hamlet, Kalpetta and 12 tribal families of Thoriambam hamlet, Kalpetta.

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Latest Programs

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Peace committee formation - Vellamunda

A meeting with representatives from different stakeholders involved in social sectors was held on 5th October at Vellamunda.

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Religious Leaders' meeting -Mananthavady

The coming together of religious leaders of Mananthavady municipality was organized on 2nd October at G U P School.

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Peace committee Panamaram

The review meeting of Panamaram panchayat peace committee was held on 1st October.

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Our services


It is the counseling wing of Neethi Vedhi to strengthen the victims of exploitation to fight for their rights and to face the adversities on their way.

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Legal Assistance

Providing legal help to the victims of injustice is the first and foremost work of Neethi Vedhi. We are conducting legal clinics and adalaths for women, children and adivasis.

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Women Empowerment Programs

We organize seminars in the Panchayaths, schools, aganwadies and in colonies which are in the deep forest, through which we are able to bring about awareness on legal and constitutional rights, specially the need to rise above all the discriminations.

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Youth and Children Programs

Neethi Vedhi has formed a vigilance cell to give awareness and to counter atrocities against children in line with the Protection of Children against Sexual Offences Act 2012.

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Neethi Vedhi tries to disseminate the possibilities and opportunities of Tribal youth. It is also an effort to promote leadership sills and build confidence and to canalize their energy to build up the society.

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Neethi Vedhi tries its best to mediate between the aggrieved parties, especially among the Tribals, neighbours and relatives. Only when the opposite parties are totally indifferent or adamant then these are referred for the court's intervention.

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Program Snaps

All party meeting

Onam Celebration

Onam Celebration

Peace Day

Youth Conference

Women's Day

Anti dowry Day

Harmony Club

Tribal youth training