Unarvu - Adivasi study centres

               Unarv (Rise Above) is a concept that was emerged with the feeling that Tribal Students should be given extra care in education as they find difficult to adjust with the current school system. Students of mainstream society is able to cope up with this system as they are exposed to Play school, Pre- school, Parenting, Private tutoring etc before being admitted to regular schools. But students from the tribal community do not get such opportunity. Nor parents are able to help them as they are illiterate. This leads to poor performance, irregularity; drop out among the tribal students.

               To bridge this gap Neethi Vedhi initiated Unarv centers in 2013 at various harmlets. So far there were 18 centers catering to 378 students. Qualified Tribal youth, who conducts daily classes, helps in their homework and guide the students in their studies. The functioning of these centers are monitored regularly. The students from Unarv centers have shown greater improvement especially in education and in their social relationships. The local administration has appreciated this effort of Neethi Vedhi and we hope that this would be a replica for the government to introduce for the Tribal students.

               In the year of 2018-19 there are 13 Unarvu Centers in Wayanad. There where Awareness classes on Right to Education Act, was condected by Mr. Jaimes Thomas for all the students and parents in Mattapara, Njamalam, Vadachira, Kuppadi, Pazhassi, Puzhavayal, Vakeri, Narangakunnu, Thazheyidam, Begoor centers. One day trining was condected for on the Unarvu tutors by Mr. K.I. Thomas. The yearly Planing was done with the tutors by Mr. Aneesh Babu Programe Organizer and Ms. Flaisy Jose Director of Neethi Vedhi,

                          From the frist week of June 2018 all the centers began classes with the timing 5 - 7 pm daily. The Programe Organizer aneesh Babu will be visiting all the centers regularly for monitoring the effectiveness.