A new Chapter in the history of Neethi Vedhi

Added On - 12-04-2017
A new Chapter in the history of Neethi Vedhi
On March 30, 2017, in the history of Neethi Vedhi , Kerala was a new beginning. The official inauguration of Neethi Vedhi’s new office into a building owned by Sisters of Charity of Nazareth was held.

The Wayanad district Panchayath President Ms. Usha Kumari did the official inauguration by lighting the lamp, other officials along with Sr. Vandana SCN Superior of Nazareth Convent, and Fr. Stephan Mathew Director Neethi Vedhi addressed the gathering.

After the inauguration ceremony, there was a panel discussion on the theme of this year’s Women’s day, BE BOLD FOR CHANGE. Around 100 women and well-wishers had gathered for the day. Under the effective moderation of Neethi Vedhi President Adv. Maria, the panelists four women Viji, Leela, Makkamma and Chitra shared their experiences of being bold in their life situation.

Viji who stood up against the injustice and demanding basic facilities for the women workers in the unorganized sector. She being an ordinary woman, still living in a rented house and daily working in the textile and other small industrial works in the unorganized sectors became part of the struggles of women, realized the need to voice out their pain and fight for their right to healthy and equal working conditions. For this she had to use various methods and force the government and the employers to look at the conditions of women. Her years of fight has won result, she has organized a group which is known as Penkootu means women’s group. Now they have established themselves and take up issues affecting women workers. Her motto is to fight till one reaches the goal no matter in this process one might live or die.

Leela, a tribal woman from Wayanad who has risen above all the inhibitions and has entered into the film industry which is highly competitive and men friendly. She is into direction of short films, depicting the tribal history and women’s issues. She spoke of her struggle in making a space for herself and her ideas. Now she is in the process of directing an art film based on Tribal culture. Her gentle yet firm sharing touched all .

Makkamma, a woman of courage and untiring spirit, is fighting against the alcohol. On this day the strike under her guidance and leadership by Tribal mothers in front of the government liquor shop has completed 430 days. Their demand to close it down so that the men from their habitats be more responsible and take care of their homes has fallen into the dead ears of the officials . An uneducated woman who rose against the system which spoils their life and continuing the struggle in spite of all the pressure from all sides of the society is commendable. Her sharing reflected the fact about the difference each one can make in the society to make it a better place.

Chitra, a tribal social worker from Nilambur shared her difficult childhood and struggles she faced. Her desire to study made her the first tribal girl who passed the higher secondary school from her locality. Her courage is commendable to speak against injustice and corruption even from a very young age and her conviction to stand for truth even if the other side is from her own family or friends. Fearlessly she does various interventions to bring into the right hands all the government schemes, the daily struggle to take up tribal’s cause is appreciated by all.

All the panelists and moderator proved the fact that it is high time that women be bold in their own space to bring about changes.

The gathering shared their joy and satisfaction in listening to these eminent speakers whose lives strengthend and enlightened their lives and there was no other way Neethi Vedhi could make the new beginning more effective. The Programe ended with vote of thanks.