Radio legal news bulletin (Niyama Visesham)


Radio Mattoli, which is the community Radio Station of Wayanad, regularly broadcast a legal programme of Neethi Vedhi, which is known as, Niyamavum Neethiyum,( Law and Justice). This is to cater to the ordinary people, regarding the issues they face daily and how can they be helped legally. It is a Prepared by the Legal adviser of Neethi Vedhi using the recent newspaper reports and other judgments from various courts and orders from the various government departments. Organ Donation, Driving License and rules, Loan and records, Laws on Children's rights, Senior Citizens Act, Marriage Registration, Birth Certificate and importance etc. were some of the topics dealt in the recent talks. There is also a similar feature written by Neethi Vedhi Director in the Apna Desh, a publication by the Kottayam Arch Diocese. 2018 April to June, 3 programes are given.