DV - Service Provider

DV Status
Year and Month No. of DV Cases Filed Continuing Setled
2018 April - June 12 1  3  8
Neethi Vedhi has been a recognized service provider of the state of Kerala. For the past 10 years. Protection of women from Domestic Violence (Central Act 43 of 2005) enables us to listen to the women who are victims of domestic violence, give psychological and legal counseling, then call the their husbands and family members, discuss the various family issues, try to settle issues, if needed agreements are made so that family can be at peace and live a more loving and caring family life. Only when the opposite party shows no co-operation and continuous violence the help of court is sought by filing Domestic violence cases.

April 2018 Adv. Jomol Joy (Sr. Joicy Joy SCN) has taken charge as the new legal counselor of Neethi Vedhi.